Change your Dynamics 365 Trial to a Previous Version

When you create a new trial of Dynamics 365 it will always come as the latest available copy of CRM or now Dynamics 365. Often when a new version is released the trials are the first to get access to the new build so that it can easily be showcased. With every new version there will be incompatibilities with 3rd party or legacy components due to changes in the SDK or functionality within the CRM interface. For these reasons you may want to have a previous version for your CRM trial so you can still showcase that functionality that has not been updated for the latest release.

With the CRM Online/Dynamics 365 Administration Center you can administer trial instances to edit their URL or even reset them to an earlier version.

  1. With your trial account login to
  2. On the tile selection, select the Admin tile.
  3. If you are prompted to enter a backup email or phone number you can simply cancel this screen and it will return you to the admin center.
  4. On the left hand navigation, select Admin Centers and CRM or Dynamics 365.
  5. You should now be at the CRM Online/Dynamics 365 Administration Center where it lists your trial instance. Highlight your instance and select Edit.
  6. To be able to reset your instance to an previous release we need to put it in Sandbox mode, from the Instance Type drop down, select Sandbox, and then click Next, and Save.
  7. You should be returned the Administration Center instances and your trial instance should now show as a Sandbox type, and you should have a reset button when it is selected. Select Reset.
  8. On the reset instance screen, you have a target version dialog where you can select the version of CRM you want your instance to be. Select your desired version.
  9. You can then select your desired scenario, if you just want a blank CRM then select none of these. You can also change your CRM URL if you wish. Note this will not change your tenant name (
  10. Select the reset and then carefully read the prompt. This process will delete any existing and customizations currently in the instance. Once ready, confirm yes in the dialog.

You will then have to wait 10 – 15 minutes for the instance to reset to the target version but once done you can navigate to your previous version of CRM and perform whatever tasks you needed to.

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