Using PowerApps Environment Variables

If you paid close attention to the entities in your environments you might have noticed that environmentvariabledefinitions and environmentvariablevalues have recently showed up in all CDS environment databases (Dynamics 365 apps included). You can also look at your Solution History and probably see a solutions called EnvironmentVariables and EnvironmentVariablesAnchor. If you have EnvironmentVariables then … Continue reading Using PowerApps Environment Variables

PowerApps Portal Force Restart

Sometimes you just need to restart your portal to get a setting to take effect. And sometimes the restart action in the portal administration just doesn't seem like it is restarting your portal. Why restart your portal? Some of the settings in your portal actually require a full cache flush, or restart of the behind … Continue reading PowerApps Portal Force Restart

Restrict Creation of PowerApps Portals

With portals moving into the as a first class application type this hugely widens the audience and makes the portal accessible to the general everyday user of the platform. But what if as administrator of your tenant you don't want Joe or Jane from accounting to install a portal freely in the environments they … Continue reading Restrict Creation of PowerApps Portals

What is new in Portals for Release Wave 2 (October 2019) Plan

The release wave 2 plan, the fancy new name for the planned items for the October 2019 release have been released today and include some very interesting notes about Portals. The major news in the release notes is the portal is becoming a first class app type with the October 2019 release. The Power Platform … Continue reading What is new in Portals for Release Wave 2 (October 2019) Plan

CDS/Dynamics 365 Global Discovery Service Additional Versions and Properties

As discussed previously in a post, Calling the Global Discovery Service (actually over 2 years ago) is a way of returning all the instances across regions that are within a tenant that the calling user belongs to in a single API call. This differs from the discovery service in each region where it only returns … Continue reading CDS/Dynamics 365 Global Discovery Service Additional Versions and Properties