Portal Companion App

Dynamics Portal Companion App is a starter template for a companion web app for Dynamics 365 portals. This template includes an authenticated experience persisting the portal user across requests between the Dynamics 365 portal and the Dynamics Portal Companion App web app using Azure AD B2C.

Dynamics Portal Companion App is built on ASP.NET Core 1.1 with the .NET Framework 4.6.1. It includes the Dynamics 365 SDK and the Dynamics 365 Xrm Tooling utlizing the CrmServiceClient implemented for ASP.NET Core as CrmCoreServiceClient.

Dynamics Portal Companion App provides a way to extend the Dynamics 365 portal with custom code in a secure manner. This is accomplished by abstracting the Dynamics 365 portal authentication to a Single Sign On or Secure Token Service so that the user identity can be shared across applications. This template implements the now natively Dynamics 365 portal supported Azure AD B2C. Azure AD B2C has also been announced to replace all authentication for the Dynamics 365 portal in the near future.

Utilizing JavaScript front-end frameworks like angular.jsreact.js, and vue.js you can create seamless user experiences with this template that utilize custom server side code with the .NET Framework and Dynamics 365 SDK.

The architecture of a implementation of Dynamics 365 portals with a Portal Companion App, utilizing a STS for social provider sign-in:


The Portal Companion App template and full source code is available on GitHub.